June 22, 2024
Review of the Top 3 Ultralight Solar Chargers

Review of the Top 3 Ultralight Solar Chargers

Ultralight solar chargers make our lives easier especially where there is no electricity. Here are our top 3 choices of ultralight solar chargers to help with your selection.

1. SUAOKI Collapsible Clover Style

If you love the outdoors, then this foldable clover from SUAOKI would be a good option for you. This product is highly portable without compromising on functionality.

You can choose to charge it using a micro USB port and get a full battery in 3.5 hours. Alternatively, the solar panels can convert 23% of the solar energy into power. With this, you can simultaneously charge up to 3 devices.

Better yet, this product doubles up as a source of light when you are doing outdoor activities.

2. SunJack 15W Solar Charger

SunJack’s solar charger is a portable solar panel that can charge devices like phones and tablets whenever you are outdoors.

What we loved the most about this charger is that it has a layer of Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE). It allows the solar charger to be more efficient as it has a higher UV permeability. This type of material is responsible for its durability when used outdoor. This means that it can withstand changes in temperature and chemical reactions.

3. Braxus BXP-001 Portable Solar Panel Charger

This charger is ideal for outdoor lovers. It is lightweight and flexible with four loopholes, allowing you to strap it wherever you want to. This solar pane l charger is also waterproof and dust-proof; hence, there’s no need to worry about it getting wet and dirty when doing outdoor activities.

Despite it being lightweight and flexible, we found this charger to be efficient as it can convert about 21% to 25% of the sun’s rays to electricity.

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