July 24, 2024
Top 3 Solar Powered Freezers to Consider

Top 3 Solar Powered Freezers to Consider

If you need an extra freezer at home but are worried about your electricity bill soaring higher, then you may want to consider any of these 3 solar-powered freezers:

1. VBENLEM BD-60DC (60 Liter) Deep Freezer

This solar-powered deep freezer consumes only about 0.7 Kilowatt-hour in a day and has a temperature range from -18 to 0 degrees Celsius. Its insulation system is impressive as the lid has a layer of thick foam and tempered glass to ensure that the freezer is well-insulated.

It also has a lock on the door and user-friendly electronic control.

2. Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright FreezerĀ 

This upright freezer has a 31-liter capacity, and its temperature ranges from -10 to 2 degrees Fahrenheit. It has made its way to the top 3 because it’s an energy star rated freezer. This means that it has lower power consumption, so it runs perfectly well with solar panels.

3. Whynter FM-951GW 95 Quart Fridge/Freezer

This freezer from Whynter also doubles as a fridge. Its temperature can reach as low -6 degrees Fahrenheit and is a lot larger compared to the previous Whynter model.

Aside from its insulation system, another notable feature that could help save energy is its alarm system. If you leave the door open for a period longer than 3 minutes, the alarm will set off to remind you in case you didn’t close it properly or notify you that it’s been open for too long.

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