June 22, 2024
Top 3 Solar Keyboards for MAC Reviewed

Top 3 Solar Keyboards for MAC Reviewed

We picked the top 3 solar keyboards that are compatible with MAC and decided to review them as briefly as we could.

1. Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for MAC

Logitech knows its consumers’ wants and needs. With this model, they were able to get things right in terms of design and features.

First, the slim design does not get in the way of its functionality.

Secondly, the source of solar charging isn’t limited to sunlight, as is the case with some models. You can charge it using indoor lights.

The other spec is its battery life. Once the solar keyboard is fully charged, it can last up to 3 months despite it being operational through wireless connection technology.

2. Macally Bluetooth Wireless Solar Keyboard for MAC

This keyboard is great for Mac users who are after versatility and comfort. It is a practical keyboard because of its solar power and Bluetooth technology.

It is suitable for everyday users and accommodates individuals with different hand sizes.  The keyboard is also recommended for those who prefer to use a standard-sized keyboard.

Although the keyboard can only last for about 150 hours of use, we loved the fact that we were able to recharge it using both indoor and outdoor lighting.

3. JellyComb Full Size Solar Rechargeable Keyboard 

This keyboard has a slim and aesthetically pleasing design. You can recharge it with indoor and outdoor lighting, allowing you to use it for about 150 hours if fully charged.

Apart from its ergonomic design, the keyboard is comfortable to use, and it doesn’t make typing noises. Plus, it has ultra-sensitive feedback.

Although the ultra-sensitive feedback may both be a pro and con to some, overall, we found it to be an advantage.

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