July 24, 2024
3 of the Best Solar Fence Post Lights Reviewed

3 of the Best Solar Fence Post Lights Reviewed

Solar lights will make your outdoor space aesthetically pleasing. However, there are a lot of solar fence post lights available in the market making it hard to make an informed decision. Below is our review of 3 of the best models out there.

1. Baxia Technology Solar Lights 

This fence light is something you should consider if you are in search of a security lamp. Apart from it being solar-powered, it is motion-sensitive.

The motion sensor is sensitive enough to catch any motion from 10 feet. It will also automatically turn off 30 seconds after its sensor is activated.

In terms of brightness, it gets the job done since one light has 28 LED lights with a lumen rating of 400.

2. Opernee Solar Lights

The Opernee solar lights offer style and practicality. The design is highly versatile, and the solar lights will look good outdoors regardless of your home’s architectural design.

What made us love this model is its ease of installation. Also, it automatically turns on when the sun sets and automatically turns off when the sun rises.

3. TBMARS Solar Lights

As much as we love the design, we can’t help but appreciate how smart this solar light is.

It will automatically turn on when it is nighttime. Better yet, it will turn to motion detection mode after 5 hours. This means that it is more energy-efficient and cost-efficient than other models.

Lastly, the material used in making this light is waterproof, so you shouldn’t worry about it getting exposed to rainwater.

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